Though the photo video tutorial is very self-explanatory I’ll try to give details of each process on how I created the previous project; Horton’s dandelion.

Wafer Paper is a potato starch based paper which is totally edible.
It totally differs from icing paper, rice paper.

You can get your papers which are A4 formatted, packs of 10, 25 or 100 from Amazon or your local cake supply store.

For this project, I end up using 5 full sheets and cut nearly 500 thin stripes.

As you see here wafer paper has 2 different textures on both sides, smooth and textured. Wafer loves and hates water at the same time, you got to experiment on which side is friendly for your use.
I slightly wet/damp the %80 of the strip with the tip of my brush.

In 1-2 min you’ll see that the paper moves/curves. If it’s not too wet you can also curl it around your fingers.

In this process, you’ll see how the paper is effected on an amount of water used. Even some got deformed and melted. Patience and precision are the keys in here. Keep trying ;D

And… almost a day and 500 strips after here is my dandelion. For my cake design please click here.
Thank you for watching.